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Our Founders

Although they come from different backgrounds and industries, our founders have common ground in their work ethic and vision. The following biographies will help you get to know them, how they got their start, and some of the principles that have helped make Kyäni what it is today.


Kirk Hansen, Chairman

Kirk Hansen has been immersed in business his entire life. His strong leadership skills and long term vision have been a key part of the Kyäni success story. He and his brother Jim have played a key role in expanding their family petroleum business from humble beginnings to one of the largest privately owned petroleum distributorships in the Western United States. In addition, he has been instrumental in expanding the family business to include significant commercial real estate holdings.

Kirk’s hands on approach, energy, vision, and determination have constantly pushed the company forward. He values the business opportunity given to him by his parents, and his vision for Kyäni is to provide the same type of opportunity to our distributors.

Carl Taylor

Carl is a native to Eastern Idaho, and grew up with his brothers on a family farm. Their father, Howard Taylor, began his own farming operation nearly a century ago with one horse and three acres of land. By the time Carl and his brothers purchased the farm from their father, it had grown to 1,600 acres. Through hard work, dedication, careful management, and long term vision, Carl and his brothers continued to expand their operation to become one of the largest farming and ranching operations in Idaho.

Carl is excited about Kyäni’s great products and business opportunity, and he wants people to know that the company is here to stay. “My brothers and I know how to plant and harvest, and we have created an environment where our distributors can have their own harvest, where greatness can be accomplished,” Carl says. “We feel very confident that we can make people’s lives better, and we as Board members and founders can instill that confidence and trust in others.”

Dick & Gayle Powell

Dick’s skills in marketing are unmatched. Starting with an idea many years ago, he and his wife created and built a thriving national franchise chain. Mastering the principle of duplication, they developed a system for others to own and operate their own business. As the owner and CEO of this multi-million dollar corporation, which encompassed much of the United States, Dick managed accounting, marketing, and operations. With this extensive track record of leadership and business victories, Dick has used his skills to navigate a hidden natural treasure and turn them into Kyäni’s core products.

Dick’s passion for nature and his integrity driven desire to establish free enterprise opportunities for others is the pure hearted vision used to take the “Miracle of Alaska” to the world.

Executive Team

All dedicated professionals with many years of business experience and proven track records to call their own, each member is committed to the success of our distributors. The executive management team is charged by the founders to set the strategic direction for the company and to direct the day-to-day operations, thereby achieving Kyäni’s overall strategic vision.


Michael Breshears, Chief Executive Officer

Michael has served in many management and executive roles during the many years he has been in the network marketing industry. He has served as President or COO for multiple companies, including companies that had sales up to $200 million. His responsibilities have encompassed all aspects of the network marketing business – from logistics and fulfillment to customer service to distributor services and marketing and technology. He has also directed the development and management of international operations and expansion. Michael has developed the internal processes and led teams to provide for rapid company growth. He also has been and continues to be active in the industry trade group, the Direct Selling Association (DSA).

Michael attended the University of Utah and the University of Phoenix in Business Administration. He then joined the retail and distribution industry and served in various management and executive roles with large companies in that industry. He was later introduced to MLM and the network marketing business model. Seeing the great opportunities of this industry, both from a company perspective and especially for the distributors, Michael was captivated and thus begun a great involvement with this exciting and dynamic industry.

Steven Hatch, Senior Vice President of Marketing

Steven comes to us with a deep and diverse level of sales and marketing experience. He previously served as the President of an Idaho Real Estate association with annual sales in excess of $300,000,000. Prior to that he opened a multi-state market for a telecom company and grew it to over $1,000,000 in profits within the first 14 months. He also played a key role in taking another startup telecom from 0 to 10,000 plus customers in less than a year.

Steven’s experience in training and organizational execution runs deep. He co-authored a seminar with an internationally renowned author and trainer from Ken Blanchard’s group. He has also co-authored and presented multiple seminars at Franklin Covey and other organizations. Steven’s product development includes design and ownership of a domestic patent, and products developed and sold through Franklin Covey and Successories Inc. He is also an author with his book being sold through multiple national chain bookstores.

Steven brings a strong history of accomplishments and problem solving. Steven also has a passion for health and excellence. He competed in an international health competition and finished in the top 6%. Additionally, Steven is an internationally recognized photographer, having won multiple international competitions and has had his work grace the covers of multiple magazines. Steven and his wife Maria have six children. They have resided in Idaho Falls, Idaho for many years, with Steven being very active in the community affairs of Idaho Falls.